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human well being.
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"Having done some research on sustainable fishing methods, visiting the Opotiki Community Reef site was incredibly interesting. It is an excellent example of what can be done to ensure that fish populations thrive in the future."
Alison M., Hampshire, UK

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REAF in brief

A truly exciting new era has dawned.
We can do something constructive about declining fish stocks and in the process grow our potential to become as true partners with nature.

REAF offers a portal so that anyone from anywhere is able to deploy personalized concrete reef modules on the seabed.
Reefs as we all know support marine life by offering surface area for marine plants to attach, acting as nurseries for smaller fish, enriching the marine food chain and lots more.

In this era we can now move from being just takers from the sea to one of also giving back, enhancing nature and feeling good about the interaction.

Cementing a partnership of mutuality with marine life is to take a step in a journey toward creating a true 'culture of conservation'.

Our workshops, garden display, reef building via the internet, accommodation and marine tours are all designed to develop an inner realization of our innate oneness with nature and role to be as partners with her.

Feel free to dive around our web site, ask questions and please get involved.

May the fish be with you.


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Po look out over the community reef
Kingfish hover over a man initiated reef
New Zealand Maori fishing from a canoe

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